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If you are a home or building owner with a tenant problem, protect yourself from the difficulties of handling all the eviction and landlord tenant issues. Let us help you in the eviction court. We use legitimate documents and activities related to landlord tenant evictions. Our professional eviction attorneys will provide the fastest and easiest approach.
We at Novick Edelstein will take care of all documents and legal work related to the case. Get in touch with our NY eviction attorney today at (914) 375-0100 or write us on
The laws for eviction of the tenant are very complex, and a single mistake can put you in serious trouble. Frequent instance- three days notice period that is not served properly. It will extend the process, and your tenant will continue to stay in your house. So, why to take chance? Hire us today for professional New York eviction attorney.
Reliable and Timely Eviction Service in New York
When you want to remove or evict a tenant from your commercial or residential property, then search no further than Novick Edelstein eviction services in New York. We have been working since 1953 and have offered satisfactory service to many commercial real estate owners, homeowners, & landlords.
Our experienced attorneys understand the significance of making their clients feel comfy and ensure full satisfaction in the eviction process. At Novick Edelstein, we assign our eviction lawyers based upon the complexities & requirement of your case. The attorneys will be with you through the entire eviction process.
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Novick, Edelstein, Lubell, Reisman, Wasserman & Leventhal, P.C. is one of the largest law firms in the Westchester County. We have been serving people with a combined experience of over 60 years, and our client list includes some of New York City's top realty companies and leading financial services and small house owners and individuals.


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